"Dark and Frightening, Chilling to the Bone."



"Camera Obscura is definitely a cut above."



"Tense and enjoyable ride from start to finish."



"The audience has a front row seat to the slow inevitable crumbling of a good man's sanity."



"A lot of genre anthologies claim to be "made for horror fans", but SCARE PACKAGE is the first in a long while that I've seen follow through on that promise."

Fright Day


"Slimy, clever, funny, nice to look at, and energetic as heck."

Bloody Disgusting


"Destined to be a favorite among horror movie fans and midnight screenings for years."

Reel Nerds



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About Us

Paper Street Pictures is a boutique Austin based production company known for creating unique and challenging genre films since 2012.

team member

Aaron B. Koontz

CEO & Founder

The CEO and Founder of Paper Street Pictures, Aaron serves as a Writer, Producer, and Director on the company’s productions. A former Producer at Universal Studios Florida and holding a degree in Entertainment Business & Film from Full Sail University, Aaron has over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry with over two dozen production credits to his name. On top of founding and running Paper Street, Aaron also served as Executive Producer of the 2014 horror feature 'Starry Eyes', from 'Pet Semetary' directors Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch and staring 'Dr. Sleep' star Alex Essoe.  

team member

Cameron Burns

Director of Development

A founding member of Paper Street Pictures, Cameron too is a graduate of the Film department at Full Sail University. He worked various crew positions on multiple Central Florida productions before moving to Austin and has co-written several screenplays. Cameron serves primarily as a Writer, Producer, and Head of Development for Paper Street. 

team member

Alex Euting

Director of Post Production

Alex graduated from Washington State University with a focus on Film, Theatre, and TV Production. He is a Jack of all Trades, having served in countless rolls on Paper Street’s productions, including Writer, Producer, VFX Supervisor, Stunt Coordinator, and Editor among others. Also a founding member of Paper Street, Alex serves as the company’s Head of Post-Production.  

team member

Shawn Talley

Director of New Media

A fellow Full Sail University Film School graduate who's worked in production and multimedia for nearly two decades, Shawn joined the Paper Street team in 2014. Along with handling much of the company's social media and marketing, Shawn also serves as a Producer, Graphic Designer and Production Manager on all Paper Street productions. 

team member

Ashleigh Snead

Director of Production

The newest edition to the Paper Street team, Ashleigh brings years of business and production experience, both in and out of the film industry. She founded and ran the highly successful children’s clothing company Punkster before making the switch to film and has worked in production on over ten feature films, including the 2018 SXSW hit ‘The Ranger’ and the highly anticipated ‘The Block Island Sound’. Ashleigh currently serves as Paper Street’s Head of Production. 


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